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Top 5 Locations For Family Portraits On Long Island

Kevin Ryan

Long Island is home to many different types of scenery, each with their own unique features. From the shorelines to the hidden gems from town to town, we have picked out our favorite 5 locations for you to consider for your next family portrait session.

5. Heckscher State Park

Heckscher state park provides tons of options for your photoshoot. From shorefronts to picnic areas, you can quickly and easily bounce from field to field, capturing a unique combination of backdrops for that fresh wall art you were looking to order. Depending on the time of year you may run into an entrance fee, but it is well worth it for what you are getting!

4. Northport Park

Northport park, located in, you guessed it, Northport, NY provides you with a beautiful backdrop and easy route to follow and capture your families best looks. From the pier to the gazebo, the park provides endless options for posing. You can pop your family onto the steps, take over a park bench or walk down the to the water at sunset. This park does get crowded from time to time, so patience is key. During the fall the park provides beautiful colors and during the holidays it is decorated like no other.

3. Harborfront Park

Harborfront Park is located in Port Jefferson, NY and is the home of the Port Jefferson Big Chair! We know you have seen it! While we don’t recommend the chair for a wall art portrait, it is still a fun stop before heading home. This small park offers a pier, open grassy areas and a few different seating options, from walls to park benches. Be sure to pay attention to the no sitting signs around the park, we always want to respect the surroundings!

2. Prosser Pines

By far one of my favorite locations come fall and winter is Prosser Pines, located in Middle Island, NY. This small park is home to a short .7 mile trail and is one of the oldest surviving White Pine Plantations on the eastern seaboard. The most popular attraction of course, the teepees near the eastern end of the property! From the small grassy area out front to the wide walking trails, the possibilities are endless!

1. Islip Grange

And finally, our favorite of the bunch. Islip Grange Park is oddly enough located in Sayville, NY. The park is home to 12 acres of space, encompassing various structures of historical significance. Take a seat on the steps of the scale model Dutch Reformed Church or on the porch of the Robinson House. Don’t forget to stop by the Mill or the barn on the property for a great individual portrait location. Beyond all of the buildings is an open plains type setting varying from flat land to small slopes for great low angle and top down shots. The Grange leaves creativity in the hands of your photographer, and offers tons of portrait opportunities for any type of session. Do not leave this location off of your list of considerations!

Islip Grange Park Family Portraits

Now that you know our favorite spots, check out our gallery and see if you can point them out! We enjoy shooting at this location throughout the year and have no intentions of stopping, so if you see something you like, let’s get to shooting!